Listen when others are quiet, listen their untold stories…

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Standing outside the ICU the lessons I learnt and no they are not the lessons which year 2020 taught me, they are the realisations which one may get if one is fortunate and blessed

Facing the life, we have to do it alone

The whole world may be standing beside you, but you want only life to be your companion

How deep is your trust can only be known when life pushes you off balance?

You either can have faith or fear.

If you do not know how to hold yourself together, no one can do it for you.


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We all have our own truths based on our life experiences. And we are quite justified to hold them. They are shaped in our reality. Some truths are our childhood memories, our education, professional degrees, our interaction with the people and world around us.

Everyone around us have their own realities and they too are valid truths. Our truth or realities are based on social, traditional and educational assumptions and can easily be called inclinations or biases. Our experiences pass through these filters before we hold them as perception or opinions.

Are our realities simply our interpretation or our personal…

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I just finished watching two seasons of Netflix series “The Umbrella Academy”. A story of Superheroes, Time travel, threat of apocalypse, saving the world, family drama, different personalities all facets blended together. Character of Grace “the care giver and the robotic mother programmed to be a protector, to intervene if someone’s life was in danger portrayed the role of perfect mother and care giver. Eventually children (adults) started speculating involvement of robotic mother in murder of their father due to hardware malfunction. The robotic perfect mother was no longer the perfect mother and was shut down.

I am a nutritionist…

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Same old arthritis, same old sky, same old sunrise and same old me…

Yet here what’s new

Same old arthritis, loses to me whenever it tries to hold me tight.

Same old sky filled with kite of colours bright

Whenever I pulled, it discovered new heights

Same old sunrise, so far and so bright, I held it within captured in my eyes

Same old me at the end of the road,

Knew, Up is the way forward only if I am ready to climb.

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Yesterday received a sad news of a friend losing her husband to corona virus. He was quite overweight. Lot of studies are being conducted which are trying to establish link between obesity and SARS_CoV-2. Obesity impairs immunity, causes inflammation, increases risk of heart diseases and diabetes even in younger population.

During lockdown I was amazed to see continuous stream of photos of people indulging in food. The biggest positive, most were cooking. As a nutritionist I am expected to have huge collection and know-how of different recipes.

I remember when I was doing my masters in foods and nutrition, I…

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I have been wanting to do a trail walk for some years. I have arthritic bones for last 33 years and whenever I try to push myself physically, I get a flare and end up with severe pain episode and a fear. Just to walk you through a pain episode, arthritis flares are bad enough to make me shed few tears and desperately look for ways to get rid of pain.

Oh yes, I am a nutritionist. Do I not understand that pain means inflammation in body is high? And do I not know overdoing an activity can also trigger…

The Most Chased Value

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The search for answers is a quest we all carry within us and our ways to get those answers can be one-off.

I am deeply interested in the way I behave and sometimes surprised as well as I see similar behaviour and responses around me. We all want to do certain things willingly; we feel excited to do them. And there are few things we earnestly want to do but maintain a façade of unwillingness. This is especially true when we take health in perspective. We want good health but we do not want to eat…

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Diets fail you? Nutritionists or dietitians are playing with people’s emotions. Do we? Being a nutritionist, I started questioning my masters in food science and why I chose to study foods and nutrition. Any true professional would never guide a person to illness.

So why diets are so bad?

What is the connect between food and mind?

Why do we have this love and hate relationship with food?

Why changing habits is difficult?

Can we change our behaviour by changing our perspective?

All these questions led me to neurobiology and behaviour change.

Our set behavior is mere strong neural pathways…

Rama Mehta

A psycho-nutritionist

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